Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Eat, eat and be merry

23-25 August 2013

Penang, Malaysia

If only all weekends could be so jam-packed with activity and bursting with fun (bursting outta my pants in any case)!

Impromptu trip with brunch kakis!

We had been talking the longest time about our sophomore trip together but never really got down to it. One night, EC asked over WA groupchat if we wanted Penang food buffet. I went off to bed. Next thing I knew, I woke up to like 200 messages confirming that air tickets had been booked! Talk about efficient!!

I worried about whether I would enjoy spending 48 hours straight with this group, since we had never travelled together (day trip to LEGOLAND doesn't count) and I was neurotic that way. Plus we are more of activity friends rather than the pour-out-feelings-share-innermost-secret soul mates.

Turns out I need not have worried. Food lubricates the social muscle and tongue. And in between, there's always Wi-Fi and camwhoring to fill in any awkward silences! This was definitely the best trip to Penang in recent memory due to the sheer silliness of overeating and hat-buying and 70s-style posing.

Awed silences from the tourist crowds due to the sheer professionalism of our posing. The hats helped.

There was no itinerary or agenda. Well, the only agenda was to eat 15 meals a day and café-hop in between, and we did that in spades.

One of 7 plates of penang fried kway tiao we had over 3d2n. The best one was a no-name roadside stall rather than the famous ones in Chinatown.

So pretty much like a regular weekend in Singapore then.

All in a weekend's work

Gotta be proud of my neighboring/countrymen's elastic stomachs and elastic waistbands.

In between, we did the touristy thing and followed the day-trippers snapping photos.

Masses just jostling to take photo of the bicycle-riding boys

Not quite Banksy

We stayed at a very nice boutique hotel, the Coffee Atelier, which was very apt because we first bonded over coffee breaks at work. Converted from a old coffee roaster, it was one of the first boutique hotels in Georgetown. Now owned by a Swedish artist and his HongKong wife, we really enjoyed the hospitality of the Filipino-maid-promoted-to-innkeeper! Very resourceful and entertaining individual indeed. Definitely a high potential employee.

I term this genre as Haunted Brothel Chic. Kinky!

 Can't wait for the next trip!

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