Sunday, October 14, 2012

Rules of Engagement

1. One trip, one entry.

Even if I have been to a place more than once, since the purpose of this blog is to reflect on what I've experienced/learnt/enjoyed.

(business trips and fly-in-and-out ones are excluded cos that would be too crazy)

2. Pictures speak a thousand words

At least one photo per entry. And I'm gonna try to include a picture of something I bought/collected from each trip.

3. Start as I mean to go on. Just hoping to complete the project...sometime!

Scared... three more trips happening in the next month. Eek!

4. Perimeters: Any trip which happened from Sept 1999 onwards shall be included since that was when I had my first passport made. Before then I travelled on my mother's passport. Either that or I lost previous passport. I don't remember. My memory is that bad!

(Blast from the past: Back in the 1980s, children would share a passport with a parent. I guess the assumption was that it would be pretty rare for a child to travel without a parent until they reached a certain age)

My two passports. Hoped I covered up all the secret details. Damn, did I look young!

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