Wednesday, October 24, 2012

The trip which set me thinking

Seoul, 6-12 Oct 2012

Seoul this was the trip where I came to appreciate how lucky I have been in the travel department of life, and I would benefit so much more if I would take a little time to reflect on my travel experiences.

By extension, I have to remind myself constantly how smooth-sailing my life pretty much been, and that I should really celebrate everyday, and be more introspective so that I can grow.

And what a fantastic place Seoul is for this epiphany to take place!

Funny how I was never very keen to visit South Korea. I've been to Japan twice, and North Korea has always been a dream destination, but South Korea always seemed so meh. All Lotte-something, Teddy Bear Museums and bbq beef (although I do love the last)

But IloveitIloveitIloveit!

Thank you Seoul for introducing me to the healthy/toxic drink of Yoghu-ju.

Yoghu-ju is Yakult (healthy yoghurt drink to aid digestion) mixed with soju. You hardly taste the soju, which probably makes it lethal. But so yummy!

PLUS if you drink it with orange yakult, you get Vit C and healthy bacteria as well. So two benefits over 1 negative :)

Thank you Seoul for bringing back my shopping mojo!

In my defence re the facial products: 30% of the loot was for family/friends, 30% was free stuff,
15% was fancy packaging, the rest is for me to use until Armageddon I'm sure.
I had great company as well-- an old friend who is living it up as a English Language teacher in Japan. After working 10 hard years in a grown-up job, she upped and moved in a radical life changing decision and her life is one fabulous extended vacation of weekend trips around Japan, odd trips to the fantastic North Asian cities, with the occasional class of English to teach and test to mark.

Its great to have young friends or young-at-heart friends who really make things so much fun. By myself I would probably be boring company or so grown-up and proper, but with LST, we had such a laugh being silly and kiddy and never a dull moment! Thanks LST! (Gosh I never realised I was turning into such a serious auntie until she pointed it out...with friends like this.....)

Many other things to be thankful for....that this warrants a second post!

to be contd..

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