Monday, November 26, 2012

Around Asia in 80 minutes

Legoland (Fine...Johor Bahru, Malaysia) 10 November 2012

Day Trip to the newly open Legoland just across the border!

There weren't that many favorable reviews about Legoland-- usually about how small Legoland is, and that the rides were too kiddy etc, but I found it really fun! Even though it was tropical thunderstorm day alternating between heavy showers and high humidity, we still managed to go on most of the more exciting rides and also visit the key sights of Asia painstakingly put together with what else but Lego? It took some 50 million bricks and I imagine lots of sweat and tears to build Miniland. Respect (and a lot of camwhoring).

Landed in the Legoland airport. 

Karaweik Hall, Myanmar

Thai temple- forgot the name. There were little revolving thai dancers made of Lego as well.

Overheard mother to kid:  " Don't climb over! It's forbidden!" Hahahaha.

 If you don't know where this is, shoot yourself now

Boat Quay! View from my former office! When I sent this photo via Whatsapp to friends, they couldn't even tell it was not the real thing.

Then we headed to KL Sentral for makan

Petronas and KLCC! The twin towers look like they are conducting the dark skies. Very Gotham

Bandar Seri Begawan

Tanah Lot in Bali.

The real thing from my trip in 2008!

Hoi An-- Unesco World Heritage site which I have always wanted to go to!

Adventure Land. Don't you just love water rides? This one was pretty good although we were already wet because of the rain.There are even ringgit-operated dryers which work like huge hair-dryers for you to dry off after the ride. Would be nice if they were working though.

I pity these 2 teachers who had to accompany their primary school charges on the ride. The two machiks (malay for auntie) did not look at the excitement seeking sorts. 

Dragon school to entertain you whilst queuing for the roller coaster. Too bad the voice recording was a bit koyak.

After tutorial on how to breathe fire or cough smoke, we headed back to medieval Lego Kingdom for another Dragon ride. 

After a day of play.....we were like that.... (tired I mean, not drunk!)

But still took time to photobomb this lonely old man sleeping by the lake waiting for his kids....

Play happy families with the machik-machik....

And end the day with yummy Chilli Crab in CCK of all places!

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