Thursday, November 29, 2012

The Great English Countryside Wedding Experience.

London, Brentwood, UK

Pisa, Florence, Italy

14-24 June 2012

I'd never attended an English country wedding before, so this was one experience I was looking forward to, especially with all my girls!

And it was everything I fantasized it to be- church bells chiming, beautiful ceremony, Sammy looking gorgeous, amazing blue sky even though it was really freezing (that I didn't fantasize, I just expected nothing more of British summer)

The groom's senile grand-dad commented that we were like the United Nations or Spice Girls or something (except he said it in a mildly-racist/sexist way but you kinda let it go cos he is so old), because of all our different ethnic backgrounds and nationalities. We had English Rose, British-Indian, Japanese, French-Muslim, Scottish- Nigerian and of course, Singaporean Chinese. We were truly the centre of attention!

The wedding dinner was held at Rose House-- the Groom's family home in the country, named because red roses are planted in the garden and creeping up the walls (just like Enid Blyton books!). The bouquet was made out of 12 (?) almost-identical red roses lovingly selected by the groom. *Melt*

A heated Marquee (who knew such a thing existed?) was set up in the garden, where we found all sorts of traditional English games, ice-cream and cake selection, copious amounts of alcohol and wonderful food. The wedding lasted well into the wee hours, ended with roast pork baps and a disco. We danced to Alicia Key's New York as well as all the hits from the summer of 99 (Summer girls was our anthem during our West Coast road trip)! So many memories....

Cake cake cake I love the cake!

Hahaha posh!

I really enjoyed the Great English Wedding Experience. So there are many differences in wedding traditions compared to the more Asian style that I am familiar with. 

But what struck me more than anything was the love that the couple had for each other that was just so luminous

Sometimes when you have been friends for a long time, what sticks in your head tends to be the image of your friend as the person they were when you just met. Sam would always be to me that flirty, friendly 19 year old with the long red hair and great sense of fun. 

That day, I saw Sam through fresh eyes-- the loving, gorgeous, grown-up that Ted was so proud to love and cherish.

L-O-V-E <3

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